The NFL: Week 9 Early Analysis

  • SF 49ers (-7.5) try to get it at -7

  • Green Bay Packers (-3.5) try to get it at -3 if possible

(The lines provided above are good as of 11:13pm on Sunday 10/27/2019)

Well as we march forward into week 9, we hope you were able to have a little fun with some of our week 8 picks. We tried to mix it up for you and if you like the Lions to win the 1st quarter, the San Francisco 49ners to win by at least 5 and the Packers to take it by 3 (if you got it early) or even 4 if you got it at game time, then congrats!! If you simply took Tampa Bay as your one pick of the day, then there is always next week 9.

San Francisco 49ers (-7) @ Arizona Cardinals

“Buy Buy Buy” in the words of Jim Cramer! The 49ers opened up at -6.5 on the FanDuel app. If you were lucky to get your hands on em at that price point…kudos. If not, grab em at 7 while it’s still reasonable. At -7, our models all show that the 49ers will have a 59% 64% and 65% chance of covering the spread. After that beatdown the 49ers issued to the Carolina Panthers, the spread went up to 7.5 points in some places and 8 points at the Westgate in Vegas. The sharps will already have the edge and bet big dollars on this, swinging the number up to -9 or even -10 in favor of San Fran. Although, no game in the NFL is guaranteed, for entertainment purposes, you may want to side with the 49ers with this spread before it inflates to something unmanageable.

Green Bay Packers (-3.5) @ Los Angeles Chargers

If you’ve been watching, you’ve seen Aaron Rodgers dominate over the last couple of weeks. First against the Raiders with 5 TD passes and now against the Kansas City Chiefs in Kansas City with 3 TD passes. He has been extremely crisp and our models have confirmed that along with this point spread.

Over the last 3 weeks, prior to today’s game, the Chargers averaged 16 points per game, making them the 27th in the NFL in scoring offense and 15th in the league in points allowed. The Chargers point differential between points for and points against at home shows a -3.8 point differential. The Chargers allow nearly 24 points per game at home. This maybe partially due to the fact the Chargers don’t belong in LA because their fanbase there is weak. Look for this game in Los Angeles to feel like a home game for the Packers as the cheese head fans will be out in full effect. If you seen the game when the Steelers played in LA against the Chargers, you remember how the Steeler fans packed the place. For entertainment purposes, our models love Green Bay at (-3.5).

We still have some more picks so check back with us in the middle of the week and we’ll share them with you.

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